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"I love my eyes now! Every time I look in the mirror I look alive without having to get out my eyeliner. Since I can't see without my glasses, it makes it much easier to apply the rest of my eye make-up without struggling to get my eyes to stand out! Great job!"

Mary Pat C.

"It's fantastic getting up in the morning and not having to spend 30 minutes on your makeup. Permanent makeup is addictive!"

Cindy B.

"I just love my new eyebrows! Prior to my permanent makeup application, I had very thin and light eyebrows. I can now see the shape and color of my new brows and my eyes really stand out. I feel complete and beautiful!!"

Claire S.

"I've always had very narrow and thin eyebrows. Permanent make-up allowed me to make them look fuller but natural. It's great not having to pencil them in. I'm super happy with them and would do it again in a heart beat. It was painless and enjoyable!"

Pat C.

"My eyebrows add structure to my face and my husband loves the effect!!!"

Pauline M.

"With working so early in the morning and not having to put my eyeliner on is certainly a big help and what a change in having eyebrows. I'm amazed at the difference for the better!!!!"

Michelle P.

"Having permanent makeup means going to bed looking like you still have makeup on and getting up in the morning is not so scary when I look at myself in the mirror, what an amazing difference it has made...I don't look so washed out."

Debbie C.

"I love my permanent fuss and love the person who did it...she was so considerate and gentle...I would recommend her to anyone."